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Ningbo Techart Medical Equipment Co Ltd is a professional medical device R D and manufacturing company located in China TECHARTMED was established and registered his trademark in June 2000 Our registered capital is 10 million RMB annual sales have exceeded 50 million RMB and our workshop area is more than 10 000 square meters TECHARTMED has independently developed and mass produced and sold more than 30 models of operating tables such as ET series electric operating tables MT series general operating tables and standard obstetric tables sold well in more than 120 countries worldwide Our products occupy a very high market share Our company has participated in large scale bidding projects of...

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Clamp HeadrestLateral Body SupportRadial Setting ClampBelt For Leg SectionPatient Fixing StrapOT Table Skull ClampOperating Table PadsRectal surgery tableStandard Fixing ClampHalogen Operate LightUniversal Foot PlatesSpine Surgery SupportMulti-Task Foot PlateSurgical Lamp To RoomOT Table Fixing ClampOperating Room LightsGeneral Surgery TableUrology Surgery TableManual Surgical TablePositioning Head RingAbdominal Support BarManual Operating TableAutomatic Rotary ClampFixing Clamp For TableOT Table Elastic StrapProne Position SupportManual Operation TableNeurosurgery Head RestRectal Surgery SupportOperation Theatre LampShoulder Surgery FrameGas Spring Leg SupportHalogen Operating LampSacrum Surgery SupportSurgery Table MattressScapular Surgery FrameUniversal Knee SupportHead Rest For OT TableExternal Kidney BridgeGeneral Surgical TableArthroscopy Knee HolderOperation Theatre TablePadded Shoulder SupportOperating Surgery LightOperating Support FrameOperation Surgery LightElectric Surgical TableOperating Theatre TableGeneral Operation TableCompensated Leg SupportWrist Strap Buckle TypeMemory Pad For OT TableFoot Plate For OT TableBowl In Stainless SteelGeneral Operating TableOperation Theatre LightOperating Theatre LightElectric Operation TableElectric Operating TableOperating Theatre LightsOrthopedic Surgery TableOphthalmic Operating BedObstetrics Surgery TableNeurosurgery AccessoriesOphthalmic Surgery TableOperation Theatre LightsSpine Arch Surgery FrameKnee Arthroscopy SurgeryAdditional Kidney BridgeOT Table Memory MattressBasin In Stainless SteelElastic Positioning BeltOperating Table MattressRectangular Fixing ClampArthroscopy Knee SupportSurgical Table Head RestSurgical Table GuardrailStirrup Type Leg SupportRigid Anaesthesia ScreenOT Table Hand ControllerShoulder Surgery SupportOrthopedic Traction FrameSurgery Table Foaming PadSurgical Shadowless LightHydraulic Operation TableVentral Decubitus SupportNeurosurgical Skull ClampOrthopaedic Trauma SystemOrthopedic 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TableLeg Belt For Operating TableOperating Table Wilson FrameLed9 Operating Theatre LightsNeurosurgical Operating TableBody Belt For Operating TableMechanical Hydraulic OT TableMemory Pad For Surgical TableMattress Set For All SectionsGynecological Operation TableOperating Table Kidney BridgeGynecological Operating TableOperating Table Sliding ClampOT Table Radial Setting ClampBuckle Belt For Surgery TableHead Rest For Operating TableFoot Plate For Surgical TableFoaming Pad For Surgery TableHand Remote For Surgery TableAutomatic Rotary Fixing ClampBar Clamp For Operating TableMemory Pad For Operating TableInfusion Rod For Surgery TableWaste Basin For Surgical TableKnee Support For Tibia SurgeryStainless Steel OT Table ClampTotal Knee Replacement SupportKnee Support For Surgery TableAbdominal Support For OT TableOphthalmologic Operating TableBuckle Belt For Surgical TableLed500 Operating Theatre LightsSurgical Table Shoulder SupportPedal Switch For Surgical TableLed700 Operating Theatre LightsMattress Set Of Operating TableBasin For Gynecological SurgeryRadial Clamp For Surgical TableFoot Switch For Operating TableMultipurpose Operation OT TableBuckle Belt For Operating TableKnee Support For Rectal SurgeryWrist Strap For Operating TableOperating Table Lateral SupportOperating Table Hand ControllerBody Support For Surgical TableFixing Belt For Operating TableAnaesthesia Screen For OT TableMuli-functional Operation TableMuli-functional Operating TableRadial Clamp For Operating TableFixing Clamp For Operating TableOperating Table Instrument TableSurgical Table Anesthesia ScreenElectro Hydraulic Surgical TableGeneral Obstetrics Surgery TableCarbon Fiber Orthopedic TractionSide Cushion for Operating TableKnee Support For Operating TableOperating Table Positioning BeltOT Table Rigid Anaesthesia ScreenStomach Support For Surgery TableInstrument Tray For Surgery TableSurgical Table Anaesthesia ScreenOperating Table Positioning StrapOrthopedic Surgery/trauma SurgeryElectro Hydraulic Operating TableElectro Mechanical Surgical TableKneeboard For Knee-chest PositionBoday Support For Operating TableElectro Mechanical Operating TableUniversal Clamp For Surgical TableLeg Holder For Orthopaedic SurgeryElectro-hydraulic Gynecology TableNeurosurgical Skull Clamp HeadrestStomach Support For Prone PositionInstrument Tray For Operating TableInstrument Table For Surgical TableUniversal Clamp For Operating TableStainless Steel Gynecological BasinFoot Controller For Operating TableAbdominal Support For Surgery TableAbdomen Support For Operating TableStomach Support For Operation TableStomach Support For Operating TableOperating Table Radial Setting ClampLong Fixing Clamp For Surgical TableStainless Steel Surgical Table ClampInstrument Table For Operating TableAbdominal Support For Surgical TableMechanical Hydraulic Operating TableAbdominal Support For Sacrum SurgeryLong Fixing Clamp For Operation TableVentral Decubitus Positioning SupportLong Fixing Clamp For Operating TableAnaesthesia Screen For Surgical TableAutomatic Rotary Clamp Of AccessoriesUniversal Bar Clamp For Surgery TableAbdominal Support For Operating TableAnaesthesia Frame For Operating TableArm Fastening Belt For Surgical TablePositioning Strap For Operating TableAnaesthesia Screen For Operating TableHydraulic Gynecology Examination TableOperating Table Prone Position SupportLed3 And Led5 Operating Theatre LightsHydraulic Obstetrics Examination TableUniversal Bar Clamp For Operating TableHalogen Series Operating Theatre LightsLateral Arm Support For Operating TableLateral Body Support for Surgical TableLateral Support Pad for Operating TableOrthopedic Traction for Operating TableOperating Table Rigid Anaesthesia ScreenHand Remote For Electric Operating TableLateral Body Support for Operating TableHydraulic Gynecology and Obstetrics TableUniversal Fixing Clamp For Operating TableSacrum Surgery Support For Operating TableFoot Plate For Aanti-trendelenburg PositionStomach Support For Operating Theater TableObstetrics and Gynecology Examination TableAbdominal Support For Operating Theater TableAdjustable Instrument Tray For Operating TableGeneral Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery TableElectro-hydraulic Gynecology and Obstetrics TableElectro Obstetrics and Gynecology Operating TableElectric Obstetrics and Gynecology Operating TableElectric Gynecology and Obstetrics Operating Table
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