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  • Electric Hydraulic Operating Table (ET700S)

  • Electric Mechanical Operating Table (ET500T)

  • Electric Hydraulic Operating Table (ET300)

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Operating Table (ET400A1)

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Ningbo Techart Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional medical device R&D and manufacturing company located in China. TECHARTMED was established and registered his trademark in June 2000. Our registered capital is 10 million RMB, annual sales have exceeded 50 million RMB, and our workshop area is more than 10,000 square meters. TECHARTMED has independently developed and mass-produced and sold more than 30 models of operating tables, such as ET series electric operating tables, MT series general operating tables and standard obstetric tables, sold well in more than 120 countries worldwide. Our products occupy a very high market share. Our company has participated in large-scale bidding projects of medical equipments initiated by UN and WHO for many times to support the third world medical development. At the same time, we actively cooperate with internationally renowned research institutions and manufacturers from the country such as Germany and US to develop together. Nowadays, TECHARTMED has successfully entered the developed countries and regional markets led by the United States,Germany and Russia. In the Chinese market, TECHARTMED has developed its own dealer network, covering high-end hospitals nationwide. TECHARTMED focuses on the technical innovation, research and development of the Operating Table, adhering to the spirit of artisans, investing no less than 6% of annual sales as research and development funds, actively attracting talents. Our company has more than 30 engineers and technicians, it accounts for half of the company's employees. TECHARTMED cooperated with internationally renowned companies such as TENTE, HOERBIGER and SUSPA, and actively cooperated with national professional colleges and studios to jointly develop new products. In 2009, we passed the ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system certification. In 2010, we passed the CE certification of TUV Rheinland. In the same year, our engineering technology center has been established, and we have obtained 2 invention patents, 38 utility model patents and 9 appearance patents. On the basis of operating table Manufacturing, TECHARTMED has increased LED Series and HALOGEN Series Operating Lights, and countinuously expanded operating room equipment products.

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